For someone who enjoys reading and researching different cultural novels, consider reading Native American author books. These books will take you down a journey of both fictional and non-fictional stories about the Native American. You can learn so much just by reading novels. Lucky for you, many excellent Native American authors write about different events depending on the heritage of Native American. Suppose you’re a Native American Indian or some other looking for resources to find out about the American Indian culture, beliefs, history, etc.. If so, you may consider checking out some of those novels, which is recorded in this report.

Here are some of the favorite American Indian books you may read. On the list is that the Pushing the Bear by Diane Glancy. This publication tells you a story about the struggles suffered by the Cherokees when they were moved out of their property. Pushing The Bear by Diane Glancy relies on a real-life event. This publication was written via the voices of people who underwent the event that occurred many years back. It’s a must-read novel that can take you down a trip of one of the saddest events in U.S history.

When Columbus first reached, the United States had countless different tribes such as the Apache, Navajo, Cherokee, etc They didn’t record Native American history, hence the folks used other ways to collect information about them, The archaeologists use the artifacts found by digging the grounds like their tools and weapons to discover about the American Indian Spirituality, Most of the history you read about them is from the records of their first Europeans that reached.

Consider reading this publication if you adore literary novels. Another popular Native American Indian publication comprises the House Made of Dawn by N. Scott Momaday. This book tells a story about World War II veteran returning home only to land himself in jail because of the struggles he had to undergo to adjust to his or her hometown. It is a publication based on hope as the veteran tries to adopt and accept his own Native American culture.

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